Fashion Week – Calvin Klein

Hi there fashionistas! I hope you all are spending countless hours on your Macbooks during class keeping updated on New York Fashion Week just as I am. Fashion Week gathers women and men from all across the United States to capture an energy that only true fashion loving individuals would understand.  All across the boards, we see different designers showing off different trends and colors of the lines they developed throughout the past year. We dig into our bank accounts and prepare to hit the stores as a result of what Fashion Week tells us we need to stock our closet up for during this spring. Calvin Klein, like usual, wowed us with his creativity and ability to relate and capture all different audiences. Calvin Klein introduced his Spring 2013 line featuring two primary colors; black and white.

I know what we’re all thinking here and it’s this; if we’re always told to spice up our wardrobe with color, why is Calvin Klein promoting black and white?


The answer is revealed in the presentation of the two colors. Klein focuses on a very feminine touch towards his designs, eliminating the harshness of the black and white combination. Styles of the collection include bustier style tops and sheer lining making the designs more elegant and wearable for formal or casual occasions. Klein also drops the hems of his designs to mid length for the season allowing the designs to be accessorized on the top and below the knee.

Keep updated on those runways and leaked lines fashionistas, until next time!