The Messy Braid

Hello Fashionistas I hope you all have your coffee jacked high with caffeine to keep yourself running on the only day worse than Monday..Tuesday. The cold weather doesn’t make it any easier to get out of bed at a reasonable time to look semi decent for class so what’s a fashionista to do when she has about 5 seconds to get ready and make the shuttle? The messy braid of course. We tend to reserve our messy braid days primarily for summer when we feel like everyone at the beach is rocking that look. But have no fear! Today we learn to embrace the messy braid year round. The messy braid has been spotted on the streets and on the runway proving that it can give you the effect of “trying but not really TRYING” on even our worst of days.


Elizabeth Olsen (left) is shown with a braid similar to what mine usually turns out as. Even though my hair is in a braid, half of it is actually sprawled across my face. Although not necessarily a bad aspect, I tend to get annoyed with the fact that I have to constantly push away my bangs just to see the person in front of me.


To resolve this problem, I am inspired by designer Lela Rose’s runway model, who shows how the messy braid can own the runway too. I usually begin with pinning back my bangs slightly to the side as shown on one of Lela Rose’s models (above) . Not quite a poof ( let’s be honest girls are still trying to rock to poof but the Snooki days are well retired ), yet still create volume using some sort of product. My favorite is Bumble and Bumble’s Styling Creme which I use right out of the shower. After you deal with your bangs, simply loosely braid your hair to one side and you’re ready to go in a matter of seconds! Depending on your personal style add a headband, a bow, or leave it au natural like I tend to do.

So Fashionistas, never fear that your picture perfect hair reputation will be ruined if you maybe hit the snooze button one too many times on a Tuesday, the messy braid will save your day and and more importantly your reputation!

With love,



For a more advanced style, try different types of braids such as a fishtail braid or a french braid.