Fashion Friday

Hello Fashionistas! As it’s Friday and I know we all have wine to drink and people to pretend to care about I’ll keep it short and sweet. Friday’s, as mentioned, are going to be a trip inside my personal closet or essentially how to dress while on a non outrageous budget. 


My outfit for today includes some tips that we discussed earlier this week, as shown in this photo the multiple necklace look. I’m wearing three separate necklaces, however they are of the same rustic golden style and naturally blend well together.




What I really felt pulled my outfit together is the large beige cardigan sweater. I paired it with a tight turtleneck black dress ( about mid thigh length ), black tights, and black booties to equal out the balance of light and dark color. The larger sweater can make a more formal dress appear casual and wearable for every day. 



Shoes can make our break an outfit. Pair the right shoes with the right outfit and I promise you will hear compliments up to your ears (not to mention how good you’ll feel about yourself.) These black booties are one of my personal favorites because of the studded backs on them. The low heel is wearable for every day, however the studs make it a little bit more formal. I recommend that every closet adopts at least one pair of black booties in order to call itself complete.

Just a few tips to leave you with Fashionistas, have a freaky Friday!




Black Dress – TopShop $45

Black Tights – TopShop $12

Sweater – Urban Outfitters $70

Shoes – Forever 21 $35

Necklaces – TopShop $12-$25