The Art of the Necklace

Happy love day Fashionistas! I’m sure half of you are decked out in red/pink, a few are wearing all black supporting woman empowerment and then a select few (myself) are happily in a relationship..yet still wearing black because we’re borderline obsessed with the color. Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day today we’re going to talk about something all woman love, jewerly. Specifically the necklace. Necklaces can make or break any outfit for any occasion. We’ve created necklaces in many different shapes, colors, sizes, and of course styles. Many girls are unaware however that you can mix and match different types of necklaces. 


Sarah Jessica Parker ( Left ) wears both long and short necklaces however what is really captivating about this look is the difference in style and color. The shorter neckelace is brighter in color and bigger in style overall. The smaller and longer beads, however, offset the otherwise heavy shorter necklace. What I really like about Blake Lively ( Right ) is that although she sticks to the same style of necklace, she perfectly balances the designs of each necklace by keeping them equally spaced and continuous. In her case the necklaces not only make her apperence clothing wise better but they also enhance her hair tone based on the color. 

So Fashionistas, Valentine’s Day lover or not, we all deserve to go out there and buy ourselves some jewelry ( and I’m not talking about a ring or earrings because any man can buy those for you). Treat yourself to a necklace or two and switch up your usual look by mixing and matching!