NYFW – Michael Kors

Hello Fashionistas! Rise and shine on this Monday and embrace the beautiful collection of clothing that Michael Kors has delivered to us for this Fall. I know what we’re all thinking here..fall is just SO far away and we want shorts and sandals, but it’s never a bad thing to look forward to the future. Not to mention that I’m borderline obsessed with Michael Kors ( all hail the Michael Kors watches). As many of you are, I am a follower of New York Fashion Week, however since I am slightly broke, I currently cannot make the journey out there. I keep up to date on the shows and events through the worlds greatest invention (right behind coffee and lipstick), the internet. His designs for PreFall 2013 feature electric blue, yellow, neon orange, neon pink and the ever classic trend of lots and lots of leather. So for those of you that maybe brushed over his designs for Fall 2013, here is a few of my favorites. 


This first piece really showed the eye popping colors that he was aiming to appeal towards us fashion lovers. What I especially like about this piece is the chiffon mid-length pleated skirt. It lets us associate the piece with a uniform skirt or what a school girl would typically wear. It draws all ages in by captivating the youth and carefree attitude of a young child, while still having the ability to present ourselves as mature by pairing it with a blouse or heels ( as seen in the picture.)


The second piece that I really liked was a twist on the typical high-low skirt. Kors combined a tighter sequenced dress with a silk high low skirt to downplay the formality of the dress. Although still formal enough for an important evening, the dress allows wearers to experience the feeling of youth by layering skirts and dresses. 

Until next time my Fashionistas!