Monday Masterpiece?

Hello Fashionistas! Happy Monday..if we could pretend that there’s anything happy at all about Monday’s. Being as I, again, have been slacking on the Fashion Friday’s I thought I’d stick another one today. Should I make this a permanent thing..? Enjoy!


The first focus of my outfit is the beige scarf. Scarves are an accessory that have been in style and will continue to stay in style forever. As you can see in the bottom of the photo, my textured shorts help to balance the neutral color of the scarf. This outfit combination is easy to flip flop where you have a textured color scarf with neutral bottoms. 




For my overall outfit I paired tall boots with shorts and tights. Shorts are possible to wear in the fall/winter if you wear them the right way. Stay away from short plain blue jean denim shorts and stick to either black or grey shorts or shorts that have some sort of belt on them. 

Spring is on it’s way Fashionistas and when the weather gets nicer, the fashion gets even better!

With love



Shirt – Urban Outfitters

Scarf – Charming Charlie’s

Shorts – Forever 21

Shoes – Aldo