Mac Lipstick

Hello my lovely Fashionistas! I hope Tuesday was less hectic and and we all found a little bit more time to online shop ( the necessities really). Today I was walking around Michigan Avenue when the perfectly placed MAC makeup display caught my eye. Just a little background, I used to be anti lipstick but lately I’ve really been taking a keen liking too it so seeing the perfectly matte colors in the window was a beckoning from the MAC Gods. I was immediately drawn to all of the brilliant displays of pinks, violets, and reds but one color specifically was perfection. Snob by MAC is a light pink that is wearable both day and night. It creates a perfect balance between naturalism and looking put together. 

A little side note Fashionistas to help get that perfect filling in your lips, line only your center bottom lip and your cupids bow on top in a nude or light pink.



Pictured above Drew Barrymore shows how to wear Snob. 


With love Fashionistas