Band T-Shirts

Hello my lovely Fashionistas! Apologies again for the delay in posts but heads up because while I’ve been away, new information about Spring’s upcoming trends and designers has fallen into my lap..literally I’m sitting here with a magazine in hand just filled with amazingess (is that a word?) Anyways, to begin this week right, today we will learn the art of wearing a band t-shirt. Band t-shirts have changed from showing affection of a band to an indication of how indie and hipster we think we are. I can promise you that half of the girls walking around with Led Zeppelin and The Strokes t-shirts have never listened to anything produced by the bands (myself included.) So how do we pretend that we’re avid groupies of these bands without tattoing our entire body and going to live in peace brigades?

ImageFirst off we have everyones classic favorite Daisy Dukes girl, Jessica Simpson. Jess is a prime example of how wearing simple dark jeans, and big sunglasses can pull together the band T-shirt look. The key to this is making it look as natural as possible. Channel your inner 6th grade self in which you wore jeans and tshirts every single day, and bring back the look with a band tshirt. By pairing it with her oversized sunglasses and chunky layered bracelets, Jess pulls off the look of supporting her band while still adding a girlie flair to the ensemble.