Festival Fashion: The First Wave

Hello lovely Fashionistas!

As we are quickly approaching summer, we look forward to three things: sun,fruity drinks, and music festivals. Throughout the past decade, music festivals have been added year after year all across the world to cater to genres ranging from indie, rock, and the ever emerging EDM. As an avid festival goer, I constantly struggle with what to wear to the festivals to not only achieve comfort in the heat, but to find that perfect “vintage festival” look.

Throughout the different festivals that I’ve attended, the crop top is both comfortable for the heat, yet still fashionable at the same time allowing you to feel and look your best.

ImagePictured above is a crop top from Free People. Free People is great for festival fashion because, their general style leans more towards a boho-hippie style. A boho style crop top creates the ease of the festival outfit and looks great paired with high waisted shorts or a maxi skirt (as shown above).


The next necessary accessory for any festival goer is a headpiece. The headpiece has also recently become somewhat of a staple for festivals because it creates the easy going look we want to achieve when at a festival. A head piece also looks great with your hair up or in a low side braid for those hot festival days making it versatile depending on your style.



Pictured above, Vanessa Hudgens wears the perfect floral piece by adding color and simplicity to her outfit. The key with a floral headpiece is to keep it small enough that it will not take away from the rest of your outfit. I find that colors such as black, white, and red are the best choices when choosing a floral headpiece.

The last article of clothing that every festival goer needs are a good old pair of Chuck Taylor Converse. As any past festival goer knows, the weather is always unpredictable and with rain comes mud. Converse are the perfect balance to any outfit because they are not only making a huge comeback into the fashion world with their vintage flair, but are practical if the weather is less than perfect.



For festivals, I would recommend either black, red, or white high or low top Converse. I personally like white, however if the weather is not promising, I would pair my outfit with either the black, red or any other darker color.

Like any outfit, the way you dress is a form of art and allows you to express yourself. Although these are staple pieces for new and old festival goers, the key is to always remember to be yourself and make sure that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing for the long day full of music and sun. I hope to see you all at festivals this year!


With love,

– C