1/4 (Europe Necessities)

With the announcement of my upcoming travels for the next five months, I thought it would be a great idea to talk about what I have found to be the most necessary items to pack for my journey as I try to stuff my suitcase and keep it under 50 lbs.
1. A Large Hobo Bag
Why: Perfect for day trips where you will be gone all day and might need a few extra things (umbrella, coat, passport, etc.)
2. Camera 
Why: Yes you can capture everything with your phone but there is something different and magical about printing out the pictures you take in that instant and not having the ability to edit them.
3. Journal
Why: A way for you to treasure and remember everything that happened throughout your journey. Plus it’s something that is just yours and never needs to be shared with others.
4. Wide Circle Rimmed Sunnies 
Why: Okay this one is pretty bias because I only wear circle rimmed sunnies but I think that something just makes them seem a little bit less American than our Clubmaster or Aviators Ray Bans that you see everyone else wearing here right?
5. Basic T-Shirts
Why: With the limit on what we can bring overseas, it’s important that the focus is on bringing pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways. Think neutral colors; black, grey, white, cream, brown, etc.