Ischia, Italy Photo Diary

We decided that we needed a break from Rome so we packed a backpack and headed to the island of Ischia off the coast of Italy this weekend. Easily one of the most underrated destinations for travel because it was beautiful and authentic. These pictures are insane (and real).


Spent the first day hiking. 
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We spent the first afternoon we got there hiking on rocks off the shore and while my two friends went ahead, I stayed on a large rock and watched the sun set. The water was insanely blue and clear.11137191_10205794243151761_86837057190919141_n


The street that our house was on. It kind of looked Greek but was cozy and out of the busy area.10526131_10205794273552521_5118405525690089508_n

The beach pier that we spent most of our time at during meals and throughout the day. I think we maybe had total 4 ice cream bars in 24 hours. 604161_10205794278352641_9113298545351158712_n-2The beautiful harbor that we came in and out of on the ferry.