Where To Eat…Madrid

Hola! Throughout my travels I spent a decent amount of time in Spain and surprise, they don’t actually serve Mexican style food here. Madrid was a place that I went into with pretty much no expectations because I’ve never heard specific things about it but I fell in LOVE with the food. It’s way more authentic than I was expecting, probably because it’s inland instead of on the coast and it’s not the first place on tourists minds to visit but I loved it. Here’s my favorite places to eat (featuring some of my favorite dishes at those places).

Chocolateria San Gines



Irresistible-Desserts-Churros-Madrid_tcm2671-836765 Chocolatería San Ginés-10

Number one destination  for foodies on the web and in my heart. If you have a sweet tooth or even if you just enjoy a good churro, this is the place to be. First off, the cost is is ideal. I think we paid around 1,30 Euro for six churros and chocolate to dip them in. I also love the atmosphere of the cafe. There’s outdoor and indoor seating and it’s filled with locals as well as those visiting. This will totally be the first place I go to when I eventually go back.

Mercado de San Miguel



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Everyone look at how many pictures of Sangria there are at this place…like come on how could you not go here! No really though I loved this market. You walk in and it’s extremely colorful and filled with noise and people (in a good way I swear). You can buy things for takeaway or you can sit down and eat in the center of the market. You can pretty much find anything from fish, chips, drinks, popcorn, candy and of course churros. And it’s beautiful, it’s all open and has multiple entrances making it constantly moving.

El Chaparrito – Mayor 
thumb_600I seriously searched so hard for more pictures of this place but this was the only one that I could find that did it justice. I know we were in Spain but we of course had to find a Mexican restaurant because at this point I was living in Italy and that totally isn’t a thing there. We passed by this little restaurant and decided to come back later in the day for dinner on a low-key night. The food was AMAZING and here’s my proof – my friend is actually from Mexico and eats Mexican food all the time (duh) and even she liked it! And they sold Mexican candy which was a very very unique taste.

Cafe de Los Austrias 

cafe-de-los-austrias-3 o-2 o cafe-de-los-austrias-2

cafe-de-los-austriasThis was the first place we ate at after we stepped off the plane in Madrid and honestly we just choose it because it was closest to where we were staying, and my goodness were we lucky because it was delicious. I had a salad but two of the friends I was with had the stir fry type meal and they loved it. Those dishes are apparently very Spain-like and I wish I had tried it.