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I want to write and talk about something a bit different than I usually do but something that I think is equally if not more valuable to me than any fashion style or trend will ever be.

This year I was lucky enough to not only travel the world, but to travel the world with my best friend.

It’s often argued about who really is the best person to travel with. Some think your significant other, some argue that people you hardly know are the best, and others opt for completely solo trips. And although I did most of those and enjoyed them all for different reasons, the trips that I valued the most were with my best friend.

Prior to my leaving for Europe, I was going through a tough time and I was unsure if I would be able to handle leaving the country and my family without the support that they had been holding me up by. But I got on that plane and left from Chicago, literally hand in hand with my best friend. We arrived in full blown culture shock, but experienced it together. We had to completely adapt to an unknown situation together. We were the type of people who had never been out of the country, the type of people who were actually experiencing Europe for the first time, which belive me there are few of those types of people left.

Throughout the six months, she helped me to really focus on the here and now, something that I had always struggled to do prior to leaving. Being where we were, you needed the ability to rely on someone but at the same time you know that whoever you were with honestly didn’t know much about the country you were in either. We’d talk about how we felt over the course, about how we both enjoyed being out of our comfort zone rather than being afraid.

The adventures that we had go beyond just traveling. The moments that I remember most that cannot be duplicated are the times when we were the most afraid or out of our element. The moment we thought we met a famous pop star, the moment we decided to name the neighborhood cat, the moment we hiked to the top of a secluded hill and looked out over all of Rome, the clubs we went to where literally no one spoke English, the moment I watched my best friend try and fight off foreign men hit on her. These are the moments that I really value and the moments that I truly don’t think would have been the same without anyone besides her.

The reason that traveling with your best friend is so great is because you share the experience together but at the same time you know and acknowledge that you’re both experiencing something personal at the same time. And then you get the opportunity to actually share what you felt with each other. It’s different than a significant other because it’s almost expected that you need to share the exact same experience, but here that’s not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I love my boyfriend, but my best friend will always be the person that I want to travel with. The person that inspired me to embrace everything and who continues to inspire me more than she will ever realize. I’ll eventually get married, I’ll eventually move away and have my own family, but I KNOW that whenever I get the travel bug, it’s her that I’ll be dialing on the phone.


(Ischia, Italy)


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(Ischia, Italy)


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(Ischia, Italy) 


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