Brand New

Hey! It’s been awhile and I know, I know I have no excuse but I’m back — this time for real and for good. Over the winter I realized that my blog is something I want to be 110% dedicated too as an outlet for both myself and my readers. And who noticed the new name?! That’s right, we are RE-BRANDED! I went with “Layered in the Loop” for many reasons but the main is because it really encompasses who I am and what I want this blog to be. Yes I am interested in fashion but you know what? I’m arguably just as interested in travel and home decor — basically I’m a layered human being when it comes to my interests.

In order to be transparent and because I really want you all to feel like you know who I am as a person I wanted to take some time to talk about myself in this first post of 2016.

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I’m currently living in Chicago where I’m finishing up school and preparing to move on and out of the educational setting. I love style and fashion and have always taken great care in making sure my outfits are unique, on trend and true to who I am. I’m just starting to dive into the beauty world after years of pretending I knew what I was doing. Let me put it into perspective; this weekend I spent two hours at Sephora as they tried tons or products on me so I could find a new staple foundation, bronzer, lip color and more. I’m learning so bare with me and honestly for those of you out there that might not feel like they’re experts yet, learn with me!


I also LOVE to travel which you will easily see is one of my favorite things to write and give advice about. I really want to focus a lot on the travel aspect of my blog because it’s whatI feel most passionate about and I think that drives a lot of good writing. I already have a few fun trips planned for early 2016 — hint hint Europe — so hang tight!


Other than my writing I’ve recently tried to live a healthy and active lifestyle. What does this mean exactly? Well for the first time in years I’ve actually made a consistent effort to go to the gym daily, I’ve pretty much cut out all processed food from my diet and I’ve recently made a huge effort to monitor what I put into my body. Trust me I am NOT one of those people that loves to eat healthy and this transition has been hard for me. So far I’ve been able to cut out most dairy but I’m still tring to make that transition from dairy cream cheese to non-dairy cream cheese…being healthy is hard okay.


I’m really looking forward to sharing my outfits, my travels and my life in the most candid and honest way that I can possibly be! Have other questions about who I am? Throw them in the comments, I want this to be as much of a dialog as possible.

xx, Caitlin