What To Do…Amsterdam



Thanks for all the positive feedback so far! It’s great to have a support system whose excited to read about my experiences and really take my advice and lessons learned to heart. Because I’m not traveling until early March again, I decided to do a few “throwbacks” of some of my favorite places!

Sometimes when we visit places and we know we’re only going to be there a short time it can be hard to make sure that we accomplish everything that’s on our “must see” list. Although I love Trip Advisor it’s really nice to get an insider opinion about the destination from someone who has already visited it. These are just a few of my favorite things and what I would recommend those visiting Amsterdam make sure that they squeeze into their itinerary. I also loved our Airbnb so I attached the link of where we stayed during our long weekend trip there!

It’s actually funny because originally I was planning on just doing an overall top five things to do/eat/see in Amsterdam and I realized that I actually did so much and I couldn’t narrow it down to just five total, so this will be a two part series with my top “must eat” places in Amsterdam coming soon!

  1. Anne Frank House




A definite must see when visiting Amsterdam. I grew up reading The Diary of Anne Frank in my grade school so I knew about the house but to see everything in it’s authentic state was incredibly humbling and honestly overwhelming. The entire tour was silent because everyone felt it almost wasn’t right to speak. My advice would be to definitely go early as there are no advance tickets. We showed up about an hour early to wait in line before it opened and were not the first in line by any means.

2. Night Canal Tour



Everyone needs to do a canal tour. You really do. It’s the best way to see and experience all that Amsterdam has to offer. I would recommend doing the night canal tour primarily because you get to see the boat houses all lit up. Not to mention that based on the time you travel, a lot of the night canal tours turn into “booze” tours. Here’s the link to the one that I did when I was there!


3.Red Light District


I’m sure you’ve heard it before but the Red Light District is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen just because it’s something that we would never see in the US. Insider tip -it’s pretty slow during the day so if you’re a little bit more introverted and nervous about walking down that area I would visit it then just to check it out. If you’re interested in getting the full experience I would visit it at day and at night when it’s in full swing.


4. Van Gogh Museum




Although Amsterdam has many amazing museums and artwork, my favorite by far was the Van Gogh Museum. It was really interesting to see a lot of well known artwork and to learn about Van Gogh’s personal journey and his development as an artist. The line was long (but definitely worth the wait) so my advice would be to purchase your ticket in advance online.


5. Floating Tulip Market


This market was so cute just to walk along. Holland is known for its tulips so everything was so beautiful and in bloom. I wish that I wasn’t traveling back or else I definitely would have bought some bulbs to bring back home! Not to mention that this is a free activity to do!

And here’s some extra but very cool extra pictures from my trip!








All pictures are either mine or are sourced directly from Pinterest