New York Travel Digest No. 2


Hello all! Hope your week went well. My apologizes for being completely MIA but as mentioned in my last post I was in New York last weekend through Thursday morning. Ladies and gents…something about New York I swear it makes me feel a l i v e. Like how cliche does that sound but it really is true. I captured what I could throughout the trip and I’m really bummed because I captured a lot to try and make a vlog but I realized that I don’t have enough to create a video longer than a minute ugh. Guess I’ll have to try again next week!

Anyways, we explored a new part of New York this trip and you’ll see that it’s definitely where I captured the most images. Some of you will recognize the shots because a lot of well known films are shot here because of it’s picturesque view. On day two we traveled to Soho, my favorite area by far, and did a little shopping along with eating, of course. We spent the next two days in Upper West and East which is also a favorite spot for me because it’s often where you don’t see as many tourists if you actually go into the neighborhoods and away from Central Park. Of course we visited The Met but it really is amazing and Audrey and I can never pass up a chance to see artwork! We ate literally five bagels over the week and spent time our host (her cousin) when we can. Needless to say I actually teared up on the plane as we left (at 6:30AM…) and I can’t wait to return already! Next up on my travel list…Orlando Florida, most commonly known for Disney World, so look out for a post on that!

I’ll also link where I ate below because I must admit that my best and I did an amazing job at avoiding the basic tourist restaurants and found our own!

Dumbo, Brooklyn

12795340_10208188120397196_1956194086612464231_n 12799158_10208188120477198_5002938515527883865_n 12806029_10208188120837207_7677550768679942095_n 10463886_10208188121237217_4623115031105553166_n 12809646_10208188121557225_557118466240586031_n 12814627_10208188122157240_1174322883900986860_n 735062_10208188124277293_5324882257851702769_n 12809761_10208188123677278_7879742474252987141_n 12803199_10208188122757255_374392081943766791_n 12806150_10208188122397246_8068013696480931107_n 735062_10208188124277293_5324882257851702769_n-2 7378_10208188124597301_2035940782994901649_n 12814246_10208188128957410_4012005443520836917_n






Flatiron District

12814154_10208188119557175_6666782151288705910_n 12801451_10208188120117189_4563232713312632715_n

Upper West Side



Upper East Side




















Where We Ate

Zona Rosa (Brooklyn)

Brooklyn Roasting Company (DUMBO Brooklyn)

Shake Shack 

Black Seed Bagels (Soho Manhattan)

Obica Mozzarella Bar (Flatiron District)

Long Island Bagel Cafe 

Tal Bagels (Upper East Side)

Soho Park (Soho Manhattan)