Orlando Travel Digest


This past weekend I traveled with my family to Orlando, Florida, a destination that I spent many years at when I was a child going to Disney World with my family. Even though my brother, sister and I are pretty much adults now, my dad decided that he wanted us to visit Orlando one more time and although we didn’t go to the parks everyday this time, it’s always nice to spend time with my family for a few days!

Disclaimer: Yes these pictures are absolutely candid and hilarious but as I mentioned, I really am just a normal girl who comes from a very normal family (as you can see) and I never want my life to be staged. This might not be the most interesting post for some (and I promise my usual style will resume) but I want to make sure you see a little snapshot of each trip I go on.


We stayed at Marriott Cypress Harbour which was a beautiful resort featuring three pools, a huge spacious layout and condos to ensure that we all had our privacy throughout the trip. I definitely spent a few of the days out by the pool (maybe having a drink..or two)




And we couldn’t help ourselves, we ended up going to two of the parks just for half days to ride a few of the roller coasters and newer rides.



I’m not going to lie, we ate a ton of food throughout the week..enough that I’m currently cleansing from the past week with no sugar, no alcohol, limited dairy and limited carbs. But it was a vacation so I wasn’t about to not eat the delicious foods.

My family is always low-key for breakfast and we honestly ate at the condo each morning because we had a full kitchen. Pancakes, eggs and fruit filled our stomachs each morning.

Dinner has always been our big meal of the day. A few of my favorites were Chevy’s Fresh Mex, Fulton’s Crab House and The Boathouse.




And we can’t forget about dessert! I usually skip dessert when I’m home but my sweet tooth definitely came out during this trip because I swear I ate more sweets than I have all month just over the five days. Our favorite was definitely the Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour. I got an apple crumble flavored ice cream scoop and it was actually the tastiest ice cream I’ve ever had.


Next on my list — Boston! I’m so excited to visit Boston because I’ve never been there before! If you’ve been to Boston comment down below where I should eat and what I should do!