Travel Digest – Nice


This summer I had the privilege to travel to a TON of new and exciting destinations in Europe that are known for being “open” only in the summer months. One of those was Nice, France — a city in the South of France that is known as a holiday destination for locals and tourists alike primarily in the summer months. It should be noted that I traveled with Nick during this time so he’ll appear in some of the pictures as he was a huge part of the experience for me!

The first night we arrived in Nice, it was late and we knew we’d want to grab some dinner and head to bed to get up early in the morning. We had opted for an Air BnB for this trip because we had been staying in hotels for the majority of our travels. We stayed right in Old Town Nice, which we later found to be the area that most locals recommend to tourists to visit. Old Town was beautiful, featuring narrow streets, colorful buildings and a farmers market daily in the main square. Our apartment was no more that a 5 minute walk to the beach and we never took any form of public or private transportation.

We spent most of our days at Nice at the beach. The first thing we noticed was the rocks. Nice’s beaches are formed almost on mini hills on top of rocks and really have no sand. They offer public beaches as well as private beaches up and down the shore. We opted for a private beach for all three days having found Plague de Castile.  You pay a flat fee and are able to stay on a mini restaurant/beach property all day. We loved it because not only did we get insanely comfy seats but we also were able to order food and drinks all day and it was nice having our own little secluded area away from the public beaches.

The food in Nice was similar to what we had in Paris (duh it’s the same country) so we ate a lot of raw meat, crepes, french fries and drank the French version of iced coffee aka a frappe. The highlight of my dining experience was definitely trying mussels for the first time, which we later found out were called “moules” in French and quickly became a favorite word on the trip. For those of you that have not had them, they reminded me of a shelled calamari and I enjoyed them quit a bit. We also had this AMAZING fried pastry called a beignet and loved it so much that one night after finishing at a restaurant we moved to another just to have the same dessert we had the night before.

We spent a lot of time walking around and I did some heavy shopping along Rue de la Boucherie and Rue Centrale. They were my absolute favorite shopping streets and are where I would recommend everyone do their shopping. It’s all local boutiques and not once did I see any sort of chain store along this strip. I was able to find everything from new shoes to a new “Nice” approved swim suit.

Honestly I would recommend that you visit Nice if you’re looking for an alternative to Flordia or any sort of Carribean adventure. It’s similar in activity but it definitely feels like you’re still in Europe. I kept telling everyone I met that it reminded me MORE of Italy than Paris because of how it looked and what the the structure of the city looked like. I’ll definitely be back for you Nice.

See more pictures from my trip below!