Traveling After Graduation (And Why You Should Absolutely Do It)


I heard it all. 

“What about finding a job?”

“How are you affording this?”

“Aren’t you worried you’ll miss out on the job search time?”

“You already went abroad.”

Graduating school in May I knew that I was planning on taking another trip back to Europe following my graduation. As mentioned in a few other posts, I took to Europe for just under a month, exploring London, Paris, Nice, Athens and Santorini for an extended period of time. I made the decision to take the trip in January/February when Nick and I began to book the flights, knowing at that point that there would be no turning back.

As May approached I slowly watched the majority of my classmates apply and filter into entry-level jobs, my Facebook timeline filled with “Excited to announce that I will be working at _____!!” posts. Truthfully yes, I did begin to experience some anxiety about whether or not I should be doing the same and following the path we had created for ourselves since we entered college four years ago. Yet these feelings passed, quickly realizing that I would be working for the next 30+ years of my life and this was MY time to explore all that the world has to offer.

I remembered the feeling of freedom and wonder that I experienced while living in Italy and craved the sense of “not belonging” that Europe gave me as someone who was not a native. I craved walking on cobblestone roads and laughing about how iced coffee is something that Europe just does not have. The feelings of being “not good enough” to my parents, friends, classmates and professors passed quickly as I was able to realize that this is where my life was taking me and where I should be, experiencing the life that I loved.

The second week of June I packed two bags, grabbed my passport and Nick and I headed off to London to begin our trip. Over the past few months I’ve often been asked if I regret not finding a “real” job right out of college and I’ve given the same answer each time — not at all. I love the world and I love traveling and I have seen myself grow more as an individual throughout my time traveling than I have in any class or any job I’ve had.

If you’re doubting whether or not it’s the right choice, just go. You will never regret experiencing something new, especially when we’re young.

Traveling at this point in my life was exciting and allowed me to grasp everything fully without worrying about a job or school. I didn’t just travel to Nice, I lived on the beaches. I didn’t just travel to Santorini, I lived on the island. We are young and full of life, never settle for what you believe is the “right” choice, start living.
To live you must first get a little lost,” seriously what a cliche saying but it’s never been more true.