Must Have (Affordable) Shopping In London


It’s no secret that I love the city of London, seriously out of everywhere I’ve visited I would return to this city time after time. If you’ve ever felt like a city really fits your personality than you know what I’m saying when I tell you if I were a city, I’d be London.

I’ve been to London three times over the past year, spending time ranging from a weekend  to an extended two-week stay so I’ve definitely explored a great deal of the city. One of my favorite things to do when visiting a city is to shop my way through it and London is no exception. One of my favorite parts about shopping in London is the range of stores that they have aren’t yet in America so I’m able to get a lot of affordable pieces knowing that I won’t see girls wearing them when I return. I know it sounds dramatic but we never want to be the girl wearing the same thing as five other girls in the room.

I’ve rounded up my top five affordable places to shop when visiting London so next time you take a trip across the pond you don’t panic and end up shopping at the same places you can here! Not traveling overseas anytime soon? Don’t worry because most of these stores are online and I’ve gone ahead and found some of my favorite picks!

River Island

(Similar to Zara) 

This is my must have destination when shopping in London. River Island does have other locations throughout Europe but I make sure to always make a stop when visiting.


Favorite Pieces — I love shopping their jackets. They always seem to have the perfect coat whether it be the most perfect bomber or trendy menswear styled winter jackets.

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New Look

(Similar to H&M)

New Look is the perfect destination when you want to get trendy pieces at a very affordable price. I’ve never spent over 60 pounds there and have found some of my favorite pieces ever that are still getting compliments over a year later.


Favorite Pieces — I love their jewelry and accessories. It’s all extremely affordable yet right on trend with what you could find at a high-end store. I also love seasonally shopping swimwear. I’ve found tops and bottoms that are unique and durable.

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Office Shoes

(Similar to Aldo)


Office shoes are great because I know for a fact they are exclusive to the UK. You might recognize the brand because select Topshop stores will carry a few of their shoes but walking into the actual store is amazing. I’m always able to find affordable shoes, not to mention they always have a huge sale section.

Favorite Pieces— Honestly, I’ve bought every type of Office shoe over the various trips I’ve taken so shop for what you like. They always have a great sneaker collection!

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(Similar to Sephora/Ulta)


Boots was one of the most interesting finds when I visited London for the first time. It’s essentially a pharmacy, but in the UK that means that they sell makeup and beauty products. I once walked in and was able to buy a travel sized hair dryer when I was staying for an extended period. Now I always make sure to stop in to purchase some drugstore brand finds that are only in the UK.

Favorite Pieces — Try out the drugstore brand No. 7. Just because they aren’t in the United States doesn’t mean they aren’t just as if not better than our drugstore finds. Remember how much you probably like your drugstore brand mascara? Exactly.

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(Similar to Target)


I have never know a single individual who has visited London and NOT visited Primark. You legitimately can find ANYTHING you need when visiting this store. Seriously just invest the time and go through the entire store. Typically there are three floors — the first is apparel, the second is shoes and more apparel and the third is home. I’m always upset because I want to shop the home section but clearly cannot buy a lot when traveling. I envy you London natives. Price wise Primark cannot be beat. It’s like when you walk into Target for one thing and come out with a full new wardrobe, expect that.

Favorite Pieces — I’ve bought pretty much everything from this store at one point: jackets, shoes, jewelry, shorts, tops, dresses, etc. My best advice is invest the time to look around at everything.

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