The Meadows Music & Arts Festival


Last weekend I decided to be spontaneous and booked a last minute 24 hour trip to New York on Sunday to go to The Meadows, a music and arts festival located in Queens, New York.

Traveling with my best friend, we arrived into New York from Chicago around 9 and immediately got to the hotel and started preparing for the day! Truthfully we mostly came to see Kanye West (which we’ll definitely get to later) but there were a ton of groups that I knew and were low-key pretty excited to see!

The Music


We started off the day seeing Mac Miller. I know that he has a ton of new stuff but I was in high school when he came out with K.I.D.S. and let’s just say that “The Spins” was my jam back then. Although I hardly knew anything he was pretty good (and people that did know him around me seemed to enjoy it, so I’ll take their word for it!)

We then went to see Chance The Rapper, who I’ve seen a few times before. Fun fact; he’s from Chicago and went to high school with a lot of people that I ended up meeting in college! It’s super weird to think that he was just another guy who ended up following his dreams and really making something of himself.

Without even trying, I ended up hearing a bit of Kygo and it was actually really good. Kygo is someone that I listen to when I need to be put in a good mood and hearing him live did just that. I knew a lot of his music before but this was the first time that I heard Fiction and it’s 10/10 now my new favorite song!

Then came Kanye. First let me start by saying, it’s no secret he ended his show early because of a family emergency involving Kim as she was out of the country for Paris Fashion Week. At the time it was easy to be angry that he ended the show, however, I know that once we all found out what happened, not a single person felt any anger towards him because he put his family first. really was cool to be there and see him end the show early and say that I was a part of this “historical” moment.

The part of his show that I was able to see though…was freaking amazing. I always feel like Kanye has a special place in my heart because growing up I never was into any other sort of rap music besides his. Some may argue that his music has taken a mainstream vibe over the past few albums but although his sound may have changed, I think everything from Homecoming to The Life of Pablo has been pure genius.

I was happy to hear songs from old Kanye — such as Power, Can’t Tell Me Nothing and All Day and some of my new favorites such as Famous, Highlights and Wolves.



Usually I’m extremely good at overthinking and probably care a little bit too much about what I wear to festivals but because this was such last minute and I was going pretty much just for Kanye I went for a totally “un-Caitlin-like” outfit.

I decided to pair a super oversized tee from Kanye’s tour line that I cut around the neckline to add a feminine touch with Bandier leggings (from my favorite blogger Something Navy’s collaboration) and my current favorite Steve Madden shoes! It really was the perfect outfit for a last minute show.

Festival season is pretty much over which is always a sad time in the year for me but look out for future posts about concerts that I attend. Clearly I like to book things last minute!