Why Everyone Needs To Shut The F*** Up


Well hey there! Did the strong title catch your eye? Or maybe you’re like hmm I’ve had a lot of shit talked about to me or I’ve actually talked a lot of shit, let’s see what she has to say.

Regardless you’re all here because of the same subject, shit talking. Let me start off by saying that I am definitely NOT innocent when it comes to talking about things, people, whatever. I actually once read a quote about how girls bond over mutual people they hate which is kind of disgusting but I bet everyone has bonded with someone AT LEAST once over a mutual disapproval of someone – myself included. What I’m saying is that I get that it happens and it makes us feel better for some sad twisted reason but EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHUT THE F*** UP.

As most have, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum meaning that yeah, I’ve absolutely talked with my friends and even acquaintances about topics/people/etc but I know a lot has been said about me. I’m absolutely not perfect, no one is, and with that comes the ability to find and pick out my mistakes and flaws. Being 23, I’ve surpassed the majority of the hurt and emotional side of it but recently situational events have led my life choices and decisions to come as a talking point for people. It’s hardest to know this is occurring because it really is out of your control.

I think the worst part of shit talking is when it indirectly hurts others. For example, what if you did something but someone else was involved , directly or indirectly. Whether or not they want to be included in the discussion, they will be, literally just because they were there Β It’s out of your control. Maybe you’re stronger than ever and the words don’t bother you but it’s hard to ignore when someone else is involved and you see how it affects them. I’ve also experienced both sides of this and it sucks. No one wants to be grouped into something that they’re not a part of and no one wants to hurt someone they care about because they made a mistake or whatever.

Fame is immune to being the object of it. I’ve seen celebrities, influencers and those I know all affected the same.Β People are essentially being mean to them for really no reason and I know that it must hurt them just as much as well, it hurts me.

The problem is we act like it doesn’t hurt. We believe it’s easier to pretend it’s not happening than confront it when in reality if we acknowledge it, most likely it’ll stop. It’s actually pretty dumb that we get enjoyment out of this.

So here’s the truth – it hurts. It hurts a lot and it doesn’t matter who you are, guy or a girl it still hurts.

When it comes down to it, talking shit is always going to hurt someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s the person whose the point of discussion, the person whose doing the talking or a casualty in the matter but someone ALWAYS gets hurt.

I know I’m not perfect, I know at times I’ve been a “mean girl,” but I’ve also seen firsthand what it does to myself and other people and as a result I want to make a conscious effort to not do it as much. Will I be able to bite my tongue every time I’m with a group of people or am on my wits end and need to vent? Absolutely not, but in the end all it shows is how insecure you are that you have to bring someone else down.

Until then, long live confidence and wine.