Fashion Friday

Hello Fashionistas! As it’s Friday and I know we all have wine to drink and people to pretend to care about I’ll keep it short and sweet. Friday’s, as mentioned, are going to… Continue reading

The Art of the Necklace

Happy love day Fashionistas! I’m sure half of you are decked out in red/pink, a few are wearing all black supporting woman empowerment and then a select few (myself) are happily in a… Continue reading

The Messy Braid

Hello Fashionistas I hope you all have your coffee jacked high with caffeine to keep yourself running on the only day worse than Monday..Tuesday. The cold weather doesn’t make it any easier to… Continue reading

Fashion Week – Calvin Klein

Hi there fashionistas! I hope you all are spending countless hours on your Macbooks during class keeping updated on New York Fashion Week just as I am. Fashion Week gathers women and men… Continue reading