Must Have (Affordable) Shopping In London

  It’s no secret that I love the city of London, seriously out of everywhere I’ve visited I would return to this city time after time. If you’ve ever felt like a city… Continue reading

Local Artist Spotlight: Jimmy Kurzawa

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to blog about a project that I helped a friend out with over the weekend! Through school I was fortune enough to meet a lot of cool people,… Continue reading

Traveling After Graduation (And Why You Should Absolutely Do It)

I heard it all.  “What about finding a job?” “How are you affording this?” “Aren’t you worried you’ll miss out on the job search time?” “You already went abroad.” Graduating school in May… Continue reading

Suede Style

About a month ago I was in New York for just  48 hours and despite having limited time, I couldn’t skip out on a trip to one of my favorite areas in the… Continue reading