Okay first let me start off my saying that London is definitely my favorite city in the entire world, like within the past six months I’ve visited twice and spent an extended period of there. It’s easily became somewhere I want to live in the future (anyone want to help me apply for a visa…?) and somewhere that everyone should spend a good deal of time in.





Where to Visit 

1. Soho – It’s definitely the super hipster part of London and it reminds me of pretty much any other “soho” in any city. They have lots of vintage shops and cafes and it’s very convenient to get too from the city center on the tube.

2. Borough Market – I love myself a good open market and Borough Market is one of the most famous in London, for good reason. Between the fresh bread, pastries, and smoothies you can pretty much get anything you want. Oh and don’t even worry about lunch, there’s an entire space dedicated to fresh foods.


3. Trafalgar Square – This area is just so typical London to me, I love it. It’s my favorite place to hangout during the day or during night and it’s never boring that’s for sure. 10959763_10205386389715680_4063334248036602541_n-3

Where to Shop 

1. Oxford Street – The most well known shopping street in London, celebrities and personal are always shopping here while in the UK. It’s almost never not crowded but with good reason. Here you can find gems such as New Look (my favorite British store), Primark, a three story Lush, and the original Topshop.

2. Covent Garden – My favorite little area in all of London! It’s a small little high class market that has stores and restaurants ranging from Shake Shack to Dior and it’s always filled with people as it’s definitely one of the top tourist destinations. I love walking through it and although there are stores in Covent Garden, on the streets right outside you can find pretty much any store that you’d want to shop for your average spender.






Where to Eat 

1. My Old Dutch – I’m not a big fan of “British” food such as fish and chips so when I was in London I was always on the lookout for cool places to eat that didn’t fit into that category. My Old Dutch is a traditional Dutch pancake house where you can literally eat Swedish pancakes double the size of your head. The last time I was there I went twice – once to try the savory pancake and the other to try a sweet pancake.

2. Cereal Killer Cafe – The entire concept of this place is so neat. It’s located in Soho which is a really easy tube ride from the center of London. It’s made to bring you back to the 90’s and it pretty much let’s you eat any cereal you want with whatever flavor of milk or sprinkles you want on it. Don’t forget to pair it with your favorite pop tart which you can also get there.

3. The Roundabout Pub


Budapest, Hungary (2015) 


  (New York Cafe) 




 (Szimpla Kert)