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Where To Eat….London 

Ello lovelies! If you say that sentence over and over with a fake British accent it still sounds cooler than just saying “hello”…or maybe I’m just obsessed with everything British. It’s no secret that I just came back from Europe and spent around a month of that time in London, my absolute favorite place in the world. I’m trying to talk more about my travels in a way that’s easy to read about so I thought I’d try and break up the places I visited into where to eat, where to visit and maybe where to shop? Still deciding on that but lets talk about one of my favorite things…food!

Byron Burger




The entire concept is funny to me because Byron’s slogan means that they are serving proper American style hamburgers but really these burgers are arguably better than those back in America. Nick and I went here every time I flew into London and it became a tradition.

Borough Market


London has like a million markets so obviously I didn’t have a chance to visit every single one of them, BUT of the ones I did visit Borough Market was by far my favorite. First off, the weekend is the busiest time which makes sense and I was surprised to see probably more British people than tourists so you know it’s good when the real deal people are still coming around. It’s great because you can buy foods to go and eat lunch there, all within meters apart.




Nando’s is THE BEST CHICKEN PLACE EVER. Nick only went here because Rudimental (our favorite drum and bass group) tweeted about eating there but then he said that he went here every Friday it was that good. It’s kind of like an upscale fast food restaurant where you can also get a sit down meal complete with corn and salad and chips (so British).

My Old Dutch





I know what you’re thinking and yes this is a Swedish pancake restaurant but it is delicious. Also let’s just talk about the portion size shall we? The Swedish pancakes are no joke double the size of your face. Like two of these plates hardly fit on the table. You can get a savory or sweet option and if you’re not feeling the pancake dinner, they have sandwiches and salads as well.

And there we have it! My favorite places to eat in London that hopefully you wouldn’t normally think of. Where should we focus on dining next, hmmm..

All pictures are either my own or were found via Pinterest