7 Must Haves (When You Wake Up Late)

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We’ve all been there — you need to be somewhere super early and your alarm just doesn’t go off and you wake up in a state of panic, mind racing, trying to figure out what to do first. This has happened to me one too many times but I finally locked down a simple routine that I follow when I’m in a rush. It basically allows me to look like I have my act together, in the least amount of time possible. See my 7-step routine below and my 7-must have products above!

  1. Wash my face and brush my teeth — honestly don’t skip this part. It takes 3 minutes and you’ll be grateful you did

  2. Apply Eye Cream and Tea Tree Toner Water 

  3. Moisturize — Maybe it’s because I live somewhere where the weather is destroying my skin but I never skip moisturizing with my favorite cream right now.

  4. Makeup — I always do mascara, eyebrows, concealer and a flush of blush when I’m rushing out the door

  5. Hair — I’m a big fan of the “messy undone” look so I always use my favorite texturing spray and either throw it in a low pony or keep it down.

  6. Hopefully you’ve already packed your bag but if you haven’t do that NOW and throw in any makeup you might need to touch up later. Don’t forget to also throw in a water bottle to stay hydrated

  7. Grab something to eat — I like overnight oats or a granola bar if I’m really in a rush